Christ Being the Sun of Righteousness with Healing in His wings


Christ Being the Sun of Righteousness with Healing in His wings

Mal. 4:2        But unto you who fear My name will the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings, and you will go forth and leap about like well-fed calves.


Enjoying Christ for Our Healing in Life

Christ is the Sun that heals us as it shines upon us. Christ’s being our healing is based on His being the Sun of righteousness. The word Sun indicates life (cf. John 1:4), and the word righteousness indicates justice. The whole earth is filled with death and injustice, but with the healing Christ there is life and justice. Today we, the believers in Christ, enjoy Christ’s shining as the Sun of righteousness for our growth in life in the dispelling of darkness, and also for our healing in life in the effacing of unrighteousness. (Holy Bible Recovery Version, Mal. 4:2, footnote 1)

All the Sicknesses in This World Being Gone When the Lord Comes Back

When the Lord comes back, all the sicknesses in this world will be gone. There will be no more sickness. Today the world is full of sickness. Science has invented all kinds of medicines, but with the increase of medicine, there has also been an increase of sickness. Many viruses and bacteria improve their immune system with the introduction of more antibiotics; there is no way to eradicate them. A man can be healed by one kind of medicine. But he can become sick again and need further treatment. No matter how hard man tries, he cannot get rid of sickness. According to Leviticus and Deuteronomy, sickness has much to do with sin; it is the result of judgment on sin. When the Lord comes again and eventually in the new heaven and new earth, there will be the tree of life whose leaves will heal the nations (Rev. 22:2; Ezek. 47:12). In the coming world, there will be no sickness. (CWWN, vol. 60, “Miscellaneous Records of the Kuling Training (2),” ch. 28)

We Receiving His Healing Every Day
Because We Have Received Him

Because we have received Him, we receive His healing every day. His healing causes us to have joy so that we forget our anger and anxiety. We are sick from sin, death, and many deficiencies and imperfections. Only this healing Christ can make us whole. To be healed is to be saved. To be healed, to be saved, is to be made whole. He will heal us, but we must give Him the freedom to use His wings to fly above us, around us, and within us. (Life-study of the Minor Prophets, msg. 33)



Lord Jesus, I praise You as the Sun of righteous with healing in your wings. I need you to be my Sun and my healing. I am willing to come before You to receive your shining. Lord, have mercy on me and deliver me from every circumstance. Let me gain your healing. Remove my worries and make me rejoice.