1. Walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and Not Fearing Evil
    2. Christ Being the Sun of Righteousness with Healing in His wings
    3. Turning Out to Salvation through the Bountiful Supply
    4. The Surpassing Peace of God Guarding Our Hearts and Our Thoughts
    5. In All These Things We More Than Conquering
    6. The Petition of a Righteous Man Availing Much in Its Working
    7. The Gospel of the Kingdom Being Preached in the Whole Inhabited Earth
    8. Our Momentary Lightness of Affliction Working Out for Us an Eternal Weight of Glory
    9. The Word of the Lord Being Healing to All Our Flesh
    10. The God of All Grace Himself Establishing Us
    11. Having Affliction in the World, yet Having Peace in the Lord
    12. God Being Our Salvation Whom I Will Trust and Not Dread
    13. Praying at Every Time in Spirit and Making Petition concerning All the Saints
    14. Preaching the Gospel in Season and out of Season
    15. God Making the Way out for Us
    16. Blessing Your Bread and Your Water, and Taking Sickness Away from Our Midst
    17. Coming Forward to the Throne of Grace to Receive Mercy and Find Grace
    18. The Peace of God Always Guarding Our Hearts
    19. Triumph in Christ
    20. Binding What Has Been Bound in the Heavens and Loosing What Has Been Loosed in the Heavens
    21. Announcing the Gospel to Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord, the Year of Jubilee
    22. God Being Our Refuge and Strength
    23. Christ as the Rising Sun Visiting Us from on High
    24. Being Able to Save to the Uttermost
    25. The Lord of Peace Giving Us Peace Continually in Every Way
    26. Being Found Unto Praise and Glory and Honor at the Revelation of Jesus Christ
    27. Being Done from the Father Concerning Any Matter for Which They Ask in Harmony
    28. Gospel Being the Power of God unto Salvation to Everyone Who Believes
    29. God Comforting Us in All Our Afflictions
    30. Christ as the Good Samaritan Rendering Us Tender Healing
    31. All Things Working Together for Good to Those Who Love God
    32. God with Us Becoming Our Salvation
    33. The Sufferings of Present Time Being Not Worthy to Be Compared with the Coming Glory
    34. Praying in the Body by Putting on the Whole Armor of God
    35. The Lord Having Entrusted Us with the Responsibility to Preach the Gospel